E8 – reactions!

Hello Teachers!

Today I’m sharing ‚E8 reactions’ activities for Egzamin Ósmoklasisty. All the examples are taken from Arkusze CKE (years 2018-2021).

To revise the material you can:

  1. Share presentation in class.
  2. Cut ‚matching cards’ out, shuffle, and allow students to sort them back to their pairs.
  3. Cut ‚domino cards’ out in as many copies as you wish (depending on how many groups you are going to work with, I recommend 3-4 students in each group). Groups are to put all the cards in order.
  4. Use ‚question cards’ to work in pairs. Students can ask each other questions or they can play tic-tac-toe or bingo using these cards.

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