E8 – zdrowie – KABOOM!

Hello Teachers! Today I’m sharing 'E8 Zdrowie KABOOM!' for Egzamin Ósmoklasisty. It should come in handy. To revise the material you can: Print and laminate 'HEALTH KABOOM' cards, then cut them out. Shuffle the cards and place them in the cup with the picture facing up, that way the students won't see the word. If … Czytaj dalej E8 – zdrowie – KABOOM!


E8 – DOM Revision

Hello Teachers! Maintaining a strong grasp of vocabulary is crucial for effective communication. The topic that we are going to revise today is houses and homes. To help your students reinforce their knowledge in this area, I've created a special House Phrases Revision Worksheet! This worksheet includes 25 useful phrases related to houses and homes, … Czytaj dalej E8 – DOM Revision

E8 – Człowiek Revision

Hello Teachers! As the end of school year approaches, it's time to revise for exams. The first most important exam in the Polish education system is EGZAMIN ÓSMOKLASISTY, which includes: polish, maths and foreign langugage tasks. To help your students revise for their exams, I'm sharinga a worksheet with 25 phrases from unit CZŁOWIEK. These … Czytaj dalej E8 – Człowiek Revision