‚Dear Zoo’ peg activity!

Dear Teachers! Enjoy a peg activity based on the story 'Dear ZOO'. All the activities are based on the words: elephant, giraffe, monkey, frog, camel, snake, lion, dog. Please download, print, and cut out: 'Dear ZOO' - peg activity Check my social media: facebook instagram It will be great if you appreciate my ideas by buying … Czytaj dalej ‚Dear Zoo’ peg activity!


Family Vocabulary!

Hello English Teachers! Today I am sharing with you my FAMILY 2022 set. I must admit, I created it thanks to my younger son's school homework. All the activities are based on the words: family, parents, mother, mum, father, dad, siblings, brother, sister, baby, son, daughter, grandparents, grandma, grandmother, granddad, grandfather, uncle, aunt, cousins. Please download, … Czytaj dalej Family Vocabulary!